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Some more of my lovely models
Revolution Raw showcase 6/24/14
Makeup by me :)❤️💄💄💋💋

Raw artist showcase Columbus,Ohio 6/24/14 
Some of my lovely ladies
Makeup by me 💄💄💋☝️😍


MAC Kelly Yum Yum Lip Swatch (and a dupe!)

It’s bright. It’s bold. It’s pink. It’s crazy. 

And it’s drop-dead gorgeous. 

MAC Kelly Yum Yum was an instant “need” for thousands of girls - and boys - but as with predecessor Candy Yum Yum (when it was still a limited edition release), it immediately sold out once it became available.

This version of “Must Have” neon pink is just as opaque, but comes in a satin formula (my favorite) instead of matte, and is a touch warmer than Candy Yum Yum, which is almost magenta. Which makes it more flattering and wearable than the original, without losing the electric-pink scream.

But hang on.

Don’t go rushing on eBay to pay exorbitant prices yet.

If you aren’t able to get hold of it, there is a second-best option. A shade which is pretty much exactly the same, although the formula maybe isn’t quite as smooth, though it’s still good.

Sephora Rouge Shine in Cougar is a Summer release. It comes in a distinctive neon pink cap that matches the color inside, and the color is spot-on for Kelly Yum Yum. The lipstick texture is an opaque creme, but it does get slightly patchier on the lip after a couple hours of wear. Still worth going for the MAC in Asia as the formula is smoother and the price difference is not huge, but that’s if you can find it.

I felt a need to also compare the humongous tip of the MAC Penultimate Liner with Eyeko’s Eye Do (which under normal circumstances is considered a very fat-tipped liner). I’m actually quite excited to give it a try on the eyes tomorrow. I’ll let you know if I make a mess LOL.

Have you checked out the new collection and what did you think of the lipstick shade if you managed to get hold of it?